Discovering Botanicus

I love natural creams, lotions, and potions; it’s an addiction that my three sisters and I suffer from. We love to discover new products and share the information with each other. This August, while walking in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon with my youngest sister Sapir, we noticed a cute boutique with enticing different fragrances coming out of it. Naturally, we had to go in and find out what it was all about.

Botanicus, so we discovered, is an organic food and skin care company based in the Czech Republic. Margaret Ting, the owner of Botanicus USA, moved her family from Taiwan to Oregon, to open the first store in the continent. She has been using Botanicus products for years, and decided to introduce the company to North America. 

Sapir and I got to try different products, we were happy like the kids in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. We got Dead Sea Mud soaps for the face, we couldn't resist the fresh flowery smell of the Dragon's Blood soaps, and Olibanum+Myrrh soaps that have a wonderful fresh masculine scent.  We also had to have the Marigold hand creams, Shea-butter, lip balms and Rose body milk. If I had to choose only one product from the whole store, it would be the latter, which I have become addicted to. It is my bedtime body care. Currently I’m on my third bottle and I have a forth bottle waiting for me, so I will never run out of it. . After using the milk for a few nights, the bedroom started to smell like Portland’s Rose Garden in the summer.

Leaving the store we were surrounded by an intoxicating cloud of fragrances. The next day, before leaving Portland we had to go back to the store to get the regenerating oil; I chose the rose one and Sapir couldn't resist the neroli scented oil.

Earlier this months, I was in Portland with my brother Yair,  I used this opportunity to visit Botanicus store again, and to stock up on soaps and my favorite Rose body milk.  I also got the  Chamomile face cream, which I love for its moisture build up quality, and lavender and pepper mint essential oils. This third visit I also got the photos that I'm sharing here.

Botanicus USA
711 NW 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97209
Tel: (503) 227-1333

If you don't get to visit Portland any time soon, you can shop on Botanicus USA website:
Phone orders are also available.

For global shoppers, please check the company website for local stores: