Dry Eyes

In my mid thirties I started to suffer from dry eyes.  For many years I used Night & Day contact lenses, which served me right for many years. I didn’t go to sleep with them, but I did enjoy long hours of clear sight into the late night hours. Unfortunately the time came when I no longer enjoyed using them since they irritated my eyes. For two years I gave up on the use of contacts, until finally I decided to do something about it.

 My first step was a blood test to rule-out Sjogren’s syndrome: an autoimmune disease with symptoms of dryness in the eyes, mouth and skin. My mother had suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome, and it took her doctors years to diagnose it properly.

Luckily, the test results were negative. My next step was to see an eye doctor. The eye exam confirmed that I suffer from dry eyes. The doctor prescribed for me a treatment of Lotemax eye drops for three months, and Restasis eye drops for the rest of my life. Restasis is very expensive, but it does the job.

It took 3 month of consistent daily use morning and night, to start seeing an improvement.  Only then did I have my eye sight checked again to give me an accurate prescription for glasses and contact lenses. I tried different brands of contact lenses that are suited for dry eyes. I settled for Acuvu 1-day Moist that I use to this day, two years since I was diagnosed with dry eyes. 

During the day, I use Systane Ultra: over the counter eye drops for dry eyes. Before I place contact lenses in my eyes, I put a drop of Systane in them.  Costco warehouse sells it in packages of three bottles. I have bottles of these drops in my bathroom, kitchen, office and purse.

In holistic medicine, dry eyes are just a symptom of a body system that is dry. There are some natural supplements to help relieve dry eyes and a dehydrated body.

The eye doctor also recommended taking fish oil.
My Iridologist prefers flaxseed oil as a source of Omega-3, since fish oil goes rancid.  Her favorite brand is Barlean’s

My Acupuncturist recommends to drink electrolytes to hydrate the body. Her most recommended product is unflavored Pedialyte. It is sold in grocery stores and pharmacies in the baby aisle. 

Other sources of electrolytes are seaweeds, coconut water, electrolyte capsules, powders, and sea salt or Himalayan salt. My favorite electrolyte powder is Clif Shot Electrolyte.

There are many electrolyte products in the market. I recommend choosing the cleanest products without unnecessary additives like unnatural food coloring or flavors. The idea behind consuming electrolytes is to heal the body and not to introduce to it damaging materials.