My Favorite Romantic Movies

I love romantic stories and movies. I especially love romantic comedies. Love can be so serious, that we forget to laugh sometimes. Unfortunately it's not so easy to find a good love story; many of them are stupid or just boring. As a writer, I know how hard it is to craft a compelling love story, that is why I appreciate it when I find a good story movie in this genre. There are the famous romantic movies of our era; Pretty woman (1990), You've got mail (1999), Kate & Leopold (2001), etc. Here I bring some less known or forgotten romantic movies that I can remember for now. Every movie title is linked to its IMDb page for more information. For Netflix subscribers, I also added a link to Netflix movie page. If you know any good romantic movie, I'll would love to hear about it.

Doris Day and Cary Grant: a rich man meets a young woman. He wants sex, she wants marriage: guess who wins.

When it comes to women, Rock Hudson requires higher moral values from other men than he requires from himself. Gina Lollobrigida teaches him a lesson.


Do Not Disturb (1965) 

Staring Doris Day and Rod Taylor. An American couple moves to England due to the husband's job.  Different events make each of them suspect that the other is having an affair. 

Staring Doris Day and Rod Taylor. A widow who works for NASA is suspected of being a spy.

There are several versions to this story. This one, with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour, is my favorite. During the French revolution, a British royal hides his true identity from his French wife.

Tom Hanks when he was young. A love story in Jerusalem during WWII between a Jewish girl and a Canadian soldier.

Pride and Prejudice (UK, 1991)

BBC Mini Series. It is my Favorite movie version of the Jane Austin novel. Colin Firth as the ultimate Mr. Darcy.

Jack and Sarah (UK, 1995)

Jack’s wife dies in labor. Left with a baby he hires a young American girl to help him.
Full movie:

The promise (Das Versprechen) (Germany, 1995)

 28 years of love separated by the Berlin wall. Very moving. This movie is hard to find.


The local cemetery is almost full. A loving husband does anything in his power to reserve a burial spot for his dying wife. 

Firelight (1997) 

Writer and director – William Nicholson (Gladiator) created a beautiful love story of a mother to her child. With  the beautiful French actress Sophie Marceau.

Venice 16th century: A young woman becomes a courtesan when she understands that she cannot marry the man she loves due to her inferior social class.

Maybe Baby (2000)

A couple deals with fertility problems. Hugh Laurie before he became famous as Dr. House.  Mr. Bean as the OBGYN.

Saving Grace (UK, 2000)

A middle-aged widow makes income by growing weed.

North and South (UK, 2004)

BBC Mini Series. Based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel: A love story during the industrial revolution in England.

Judhaa Akbar (India, 2008)

It’s a long movie, 4 hours to be exact. Once I started watching it I did not want it to ever end. Inspired by a true story: Political marriage turns into a love story. With Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was 1994 Miss India, then Miss World.