The Value of Silly Movies

I never appreciated movies with a goofy sense of humor, that was until two events in my life that made me realize their importance.

The first time was in the fall of 1997; I went with my brother Nathaniel to the hospital to start his first round of chemotherapy. We were both very nervous and overwhelmed by a new reality that dawned on us, just a month before, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was operated on immediately.

A nurse suggested that we should go watch a movie in the TV room, while they prepared his “cocktail”. We were in no mood to watch a movie, but we needed to kill time, so we picked Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Previously, I refused to watch Jim Carrey’s movies, since I considered them to be stupid and a waste of time. That morning, however, we both needed a comic break from the scary reality we were facing. While watching the movie I found myself laughing from many stupid scenes. When the movie was over, both my brother and I were more relaxed, and I found myself grateful to Jim Carrey for doing his stupid funny movies.

The second time I had a similar appreciation for this genre of movies, was in the summer of 2008. It was a week after my mother passed away, only two months since she was diagnosed with cancer. I was emotionally drained and physically tired. It was right after we finished the Shiva week, the seven days of Jewish mourning, and during this week I was constantly surrounded by visitors and had no private moments for myself.  I needed to see something funny and stupid. My husband and I locked the bedroom door at my parents’ house and closed all windows shutters, so no one will see me watching a movie. As a daughter in mourning I wasn’t supposed to watch movies or listen to music for a year, but this was an emotional emergency.  We watched Adam Sandler’s You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, on a laptop screen that we place on the bed. Again, I was filled with gratitude to those people who make fun of themselves, and by doing so they offer healing to other in need. 

Mike Myers is another entertainer I learned to appreciate. I didn’t care much for his Wayne’s World character, so when the first Austin Powers came out, I had no interest in seeing it. When the second Austin Powers movie came out in 1999, my brother Nathaniel forced me to sit down and watch the first movie with him. I was hooked, and since then I watched all the Austin Powers movies.  Thankfully, there was no family tragedy behind this movie appreciation.

If you are in a mood for some goofy sense of humor, I found online several lists of silly funny movies. Here are links to two lists: