Fall Soup

Fall is when trees change their colors from green to red, orange, yellow and brown. Fall is when it starts to get chilly outside and it makes me crave for warm food – in color and temperature. Fall is when the produce section in the grocery store offers a big variety of pumpkins and squashes.

For a long time I was reluctant to deal with squashes. Their hard peel always made me think that they are also very hard to cook. Once I got over my mental barrier I started to enjoy cooking squashes in different ways, like using them in soups or roasting them in the oven.


I call this soup Fall Soup, simply because this is the time when I make it. This soup recipe is so easy and quick; all the ingredients are cooked together and it is ready in less than an hour. It is sweet and fragrant because of all the spices  - just the perfect dish to warm up cold autumn evenings.


1 butternut squash - peeled, cleaned from seeds, and sliced
4 medium carrots - sliced
1 sweet onion - sliced
1-quart/1 liter vegetable broth/water
2 tbsp coconut oil – with aroma
1 tbsp turmeric
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger
½ tbsp cinnamon
¼ tsp grated nutmeg
¼ tsp cumin
Salt and pepper

Topping (optional):

Crème fraîche/mascarpone cheese
Sunflower seeds

Place all the ingredients in a 4-quart cooking pot.

Cook on a medium high heat until boiling. Reduce to medium high heat, cover with lid, and cook for 30 minutes, or until all the vegetables are soft, stir occasionally. 

Using a hand blender purée all the vegetables in the pot until you have a smooth consistency. 

Soup is ready to serve. If you wish to dilute it add more vegetable broth/water/coconut milk until you get the consistency you like. Garnish with topping ingredients listed above.