Liave Pop-Up Shop

I am blessed with incredible friends who have an eye for beauty and quality; they teach me and enrich my world with their wisdom and experience. Virginia is one of them. Five years ago, Virginia introduced me to the store Liave, when it just opened down town Seattle. Liave became one of my favorite shops in the area.

Cornelia Veit, the owner, grew up in Germany in a family of five daughters and a mother who inspired her to surround her life with beauty and quality. “As a kid I remember always eating from bone china dishes” she recalls, “My mother never worried if we broke them.” Cornelia always dreamt of opening a shop where she could share her interest with other people and help them to bring beauty into their homes and lives. She studied fine art and interior architecture with this dream in mind.

To find the right products for her shop, Cornelia travels to Europe several times a year. She loves finding small workshops with a long manufacturing tradition; such as a small white candle factory in Denmark that also provides candles to the Vatican. A traditional German manufacturer located in the Black Forest, that works with young product designers on fun product, like a bottle opener shaped like a dear head, or a match box with a compartment for the used matches. A decorative lamp maker from Italy that creates different animal shapes lamps.

Liave store also carries a wide range of throws and blankets made from different natural materials: cotton, lamb wool, merino wool, and cashmere. I was surprised how soft to the touch were the two-color lamb wool blankets.  The merino wool felt coasters, which come in different colors, have become one of my favorite products at home– they are so soft and unlike coasters from harsh materials, such as ceramic or metal, they absorb noise when placing a dish on them. The linen kitchen towels that I purchased from the store are surprisingly absorbent and feel wonderful on the hands. 

Cornelia’s unique sense of style is reflected in the beautiful dishes she picked for Liave: brands from Europe, Japan and the USA. “American companies make nice wide range of products, but they change them every five years” she explains. “While both German and Japanese manufacturers produce the same narrow line of products for years, while obsessing in perfecting it.” All her dishes in the store are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Liave is  going soon to be an online store only, with a plan to have a Pop-Up store twice a year. “Pop-Up” explains Cornelia “is a new concept for many small businesses that turned in to online stores only, since the rent is too high. To give the customers an opportunity to feel the products, these online stores rent a place, once or twice a year, for a short time.” These days Liave Pop-Up shop is open for this Holiday Season in Seattle. The next Liave Pop-Up store will be in California, where Cornelia and her husband are moving. 

1205 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 364-0748
Open Monday - Saturday 11am-6pm & Sunday 12-5pm