Natural Perfumes

A scent can be very powerful. Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils to heal the body, believing that the natural scents trigger the brain to send the body different messages. Lavender essential oil can help calm the mind and promote sleep, Neroli essential oil is calming and invigorating, Peppermint oil helps to relax sore muscles and headaches, Ylang Ylang increases libido. Essential oils also have a dangerous side; Rosemary and Sage, for example, can induce early contraction in pregnant women.  In recent years scientists found that smell can bring back old memories even for people with Alzheimer. 

The perfume market offers a huge selection of different perfumes; some carry famous names of designers and celebrities; some have a flowery scent, grassy, sweet, spicy, cool, or warm. Many people are not aware that most of the perfumes sold in expensive department stores are made from synthetic fragrances. Considering the fact that different scents can trigger different brain functions, it would be interesting to consider how synthetic scents affect it. Many people get nauseous even from nice smelling fragrances, not aware that it might be that their brain is rejecting the toxic scent out of their system. 

These days with growing natural health awareness there are many natural perfumes available in a wide range of prices. Pacifica perfumes are sold in many health food stores. This company also offers a wide line of creams and candles.  Lavanilla perfumes are sold in Sephora stores. I usually don’t love the sweet smell of vanilla, but they managed to craft very pleasant fragrances. My favorite is their Vanilla Grapefruit –the scent is a mixture of sweet and fresh.  

In my recent visit to Essenza, in Seattle, I was introduced to two more natural perfume makers: Aftelier by Mandy Aftel from Berkeley, Ca. Her perfumes have been mentioned many times in national media. Mandy published several books about natural perfumes, and she offers classes in perfume making. House of Matriarch by Christi Meshell from Seattle, WA offers award winning natural perfumes. Both perfumers offer custom perfumes and private labels.

Two other perfumers that make custom natural perfumes are Sarah Snajczuk and Ayala Moriel. I met Sarah during a vacation at the Lake Las Vegas resort, NV when she had just opened her store Fragrance Factory. We spent a long time smelling and choosing different essential oils to craft my own custom perfume, it was a great experience, and now I have my own unique perfume that no one else has. Ayala Moriel is another custom perfumer, she was born in Montreal and raised in Clil, a small organic village in the Western Galilee, Israel. currently she resides in Vancouver, Canada. Ayala also offers perfume-making classes  

If you still cannot give up on your favorite designer perfume, don’t worry there is a natural solution to that too. John Harding’s Nantucket Natural Oils offers the natural version of the most famous perfumes. I love the gardenia smell in the ressemblé Michael Kors, I also use ressemblé Lancôme’s Miracle and ressemblé Estee Lauder’s White Linen. For My husband I got ressemblé Givanchy’s La Nuit De L’homme and ressemblé Dolce & Gabbana. All the Nantucket Natural Oil’s perfumes that I have tried so far smell exactly like the original ones. John is very good answering questions by phone or emails. 

After reading all this information – do you still want to smell of synthetic perfumes?

If you know another brand or perfumer of natural perfumes, anywhere around the glob, please share it with me and other readers.