Treating Ovarian Cysts Naturally

If you find yourself with a depressing medical diagnosis, don’t despair. Remember that doctors don’t know everything and it’s your responsibility to learn about your condition and the different treatment-options that are out there. Western medicine is not the only way, nor the most effective solution, to treat different ailments. Don’t hurry to make any decision or sign anything, not before you take the time to explore more information and options to treat your condition. Making a decision based on panic or fear is not the wisest thing to do.

 At the age of 14, when I was told that only back fusion surgery is the solution for my scoliosis - I cried. On the one hand, I was afraid to go through this painful and dangerous procedure, on the other hand, I felt helpless and trapped – not knowing any other option that can help my curved spine. I have learned a lot since that time. These days I no longer let myself feel trapped or helpless at the doctor's office; I know there are many different effective solutions and cures out there, I just need to find them.

This spring my period disappeared for two month.  My doctor was going to dismiss it by claiming that being 40 year old it is a possibility. I wasn’t convinced; women in my family have their menopause in their late 50s or even early 60s. Despite my doctor's reluctance, I insisted on having an ultrasound screening to see what was going on.

She was glad I insisted, because the screening showed I had 3 hemorrhagic cysts on my right ovary, each more than 2cm diameter. In this case, western medicine's common treatment is to give birth control pills for a few months. If this treatment doesn’t work, then doctors prefer to remove the ovary; for fear of the cysts might turn cancerous. My doctor told me that at the age of 26, she had one of her ovaries removed because of the same reason. 

I’m not too keen on using pharmaceutical medicines or synthetic hormones, so I was not going to take birth control pills, and I wasn’t going to let anyone perform any surgery on my body.  I remembered I read somewhere that ovarian cysts can go away naturally. I knew that my body was able to dissolve the cysts, just like it was able to create them.  I asked my doctor to give me some time to find other ways to take care of the cysts.  She gave me six weeks. 

That day I sent an email to Susan Friedrich, an acupuncturist I was introduced to by friends. We set an appointment for the following week.  I saw her again a month later, a week before my second ultrasound. Her treatment included acupuncture and Chinese herbs. During this time, I also went to see my Iridologist, who gave me natural supplements to take care of the growths. 

Six weeks after the first ultrasound test, after only two acupuncture treatments, I had my second screening. My cysts were gone. There was only one left that was 8mm, which my doctor told it is too small to be worried about. I was elated and proud of myself for following what I believe in and succeeding in it.