Muscle Testing

The first time I learned about muscle testing was two years ago, at my new-found Iridologist’s office. KasaraD’Elene uses muscle testing to find out what supplements the client's body wants, how much it wants, and for how long. I was so intrigued by it that I took a class in the subject that she and a chiropractor named Dr. Michael Ashley taught.  After this class I adopted Dr. Ashley as my chiropractor. Dr. Ashley also uses muscle testing during treatment to find out the source of a problem.

One of Dr. Ashley’s favorite stories is the story of one of his patients who spent many months of research to find his perfect car. He visited the clinic shortly after he purchased his new car and Dr. Ashley offered to perform a muscle test about the car. To the patient’s sorrow his muscle tested negatively towards the car. Neither him nor Dr. Ashely could understand why, especially after all his thorough research. The mystery was solved a week later when the car manufacturer had a recall on this model.

Today, with advanced technology and electronic media, we are flooded with huge amounts of information. For our current brain function it is hard to absorb and/or remember all the facts.  This is where muscle testing, or Applied Kinesiology, can be helpful.  People who believe in muscle testing believe that our body feels information before our brain can process it.  Some call it intuition. Our bodies can give us Yes or No answers without any data.

How to do Muscle Testing?

The simplest way to do muscle testing is using fingers resistance as the following video demonstrates.

Having another person test your muscles can be helpful for people who doubt themselves. It is also a great tool for health providers to help their patients with diagnosis and treatment.

You can be another person, baby or pet’s surrogate for muscle testing. You can see in this video.

You can also use another person as your surrogate by having the surrogate stand with arm lifted, as in the first video. Place one hand on the surrogate’s lifted arm and the other hand on the surrogate’s shoulder on the opposite side.  The hand on the shoulder transfers your body messages to the surrogate. Ask yourself questions in your mind and test your surrogate’s arm strength. This way you can be sure that the surrogate is not biased, since he or she is unaware of the question. 

Using a pendulum for self muscle testing is a great solution for people who are not sure about their finger testing. The following video demonstrates it well.

You can buy pendulum online on Amazon, Ebay (the cheapest) or your local new ages store.

When can you use muscle testing?

Anytime and anywhere. Muscle testing is a great tool to find different allergies, to help you decide on the right supplements, the right food, the right cosmetics. It’s also a great tool to help you decide with bigger decisions when buying something, or making a decision in life. Your muscle will tell you what your brain doesn’t know or doesn’t dare to tell you.