Mind Control Using Silva Method

My father has always been telling me to only make a decision when I’m calm. “Even under fire you must be calm in order to make a good decision, decisions made when you are stressed are usually bad ones.” Lately, with all the upheaval between Israel and Gaza, I found it really hard to be calm. I was also reminded again that my creativity shuts down when I’m emotionally upset.  What saved my sanity in the past few weeks was the Silva Method meditation technique. I would like to use this post to tell you a little about the Silva Method, and hopefully some of you might find it to be helpful to improve your life and its quality.

I took a Silva Method class in Israel when I was 17, it was named “Silva Mind Control”. It was my dream to learn this method ever since I was about 12 year old and saw a newspaper ad that claimed to be able to teach how to control one's brain and life. Jose Silva (1914-1999), a son of Mexican immigrants in Texas, developed this method as a way to improve his children’s IQ. He was an electric repairman who was curious to learn the way the human brain works. He discovered that the brain is most susceptible to new ideas when it functions on alpha waves, this occurs during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes. Alpha waves also occur in the brain during dreaming. The Silva Method combines meditation with autosuggestion, as a way to promote desired changes in a person’s life. Today the Silva Method is taught throughout the world.  

The core of the course is practicing meditation.  It starts with a long meditation, to relax both body and mind. As a person becomes used to this meditation technique, the meditation process can be achieved much faster, by counting from 3 to 1.  The meditation in the Silva Method is more than just a relaxation technique, it’s a basic tool that opens the door to many possibilities in one’s life. I learned how to recondition my brain to think differently and to behave differently by using autosuggestion during meditation. In the class we also worked to develop our intuition. One intuition exercise left a long lasting impression on me. We did this exercise in pairs; I was sitting with another woman who gave me a name of a person I did not know. While she focused her thoughts on this person, I had to scan in my mind an image of his body and find what was wrong. I saw the person had a problem with his liver. My partner also managed to figure out that my sister, whom she had never met or heard of before, had a problem with her kidneys. 

Today - 24 years later, whether I want to relax, fall asleep, or figure something out, I still use this method. I find the tools and the skills I acquired in the course to be very helpful, empowering and encouraging. The Silva Method is a very positive method that gives you the freedom to live the life that you wish for yourself. Today, with the Internet, you can learn and practice the Silva Method meditation and technique in your own home and for free, though I highly recommend taking a class to help you build your meditative and intuitive skills.