The Good Thing About ISIS

An old folktale tells the story of a dying father who gathers all his children around his bed. He gives each one of them a tree branch, “try to break it,” he asks them. They break it without much effort. Then he gives each one of them a new branch, “put all the branches together and try to break them as a group,” he asks them next. They do as they are told, but do not manage to break the bunch of branches. “I want to you remember that it is very easy to break you down if you stand alone, but it is a lot harder if you are united,” the father tells his children before he dies. 

I would like to offer my optimistic point of view on the phenomenon called ISIS. President Ronald Reagan used to say that maybe we need to have an alien invasion to understand that we are all-alike. I believe ISIS is the perfect alien invasion the world needed to get united against. ISIS is not only a threat to the Yazidis, the Kurds, or the Shia Muslims, but it is a threat to the rest of the world. The British identity of the jihadist who beheaded James Foley last week raised the global awareness of the fact that there are approximately 1,200 citizens of western countries who fight for ISIS. Those citizens, being brained washed by the ideology of ISIS, pose a threat to their home countries if they return home or influence their families and friends. I believe this reality makes ISIS everyone’s problem and everyone’s enemy. Since ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, ISIS brings the us an opportunity for a world-peace.  I see here an opportunity for America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Israel and the Arab countries to put aside their differences and work together to defeat ISIS. If this would be the case it would make ISIS a blessing in disguise, despite all the pain and violence its victims have been suffering.