A Touch of Beauty in the Most Unexpected Place

On Friday, September 5th, I was driving home from my vacation in Cannon Beach.  Right after crossing the Columbia River toward Washington, heading south on Route 101, I stopped in a rest area that is located on the riverbank. It’s a great spot to stop and take photos of the massive Astoria-Megler Bridge. When I went in to the ladies room I was surprised to see that someone had placed some fresh flowers in a glass jar by the sink. I don't remember ever seeing bouquet of flowers in any public restroom. This colorful touch in this dreary public restroom was a joyful sight for me. 

Crossing the Columbia River

The Astoria-Megler Bridge from the rest area

This little gesture reminded me that there are many joys in life that are around us and are for free, it is just a matter of noticing them and appreciating them. Imagine a reality where each of us would do one gesture a day to share the beauty around us with others, what a happy place it would be. I would like to thank the anonymous person who thought about adding her personal touch to this public space and by doing this inspired me to write this post.