Bust Beauty

Thinking of the different advertisements of skincare products I have been exposed to in the past decade in the US, I cannot remember one ad that promotes breast skincare products. When I started to check which of the big cosmetics companies offer bust skincare products, it was interesting to discover that American companies do not even address this part of the woman's body, while many French companies offer several different products that were developed especially for the bust area.  One of my friends told me that she had never heard of the existence of a bust cream until I told her about it. On the other hand, I bet that every woman in America has heard the term "Breast Augmentation". What does it say about the American culture versus the French? It is known that the American culture is more puritan than the French, is that the reason why American cosmetics companies do not want to touch this area? Yet, the US is the leading country in the world with breast augmentation surgeries. This confusing American reality, of polar esthetic attitudes toward breasts care that offers no skincare products but extreme esthetic surgical solutions, makes me wonder what is the perception of the female body in the American Society? It seems to me that this society priorities the joy of the viewer of the female body, more than the joy of the woman who lives in her own body. In other words it is a society that objectifies the woman's body.

I do believe that beauty is a reflection of health, whether we talk about an individual body or a society. The beauty of the bust area is very much related to a woman's health: her posture, her nutrition, her hormonal level etc. and to the health of the society in which she lives in. In this post I cover three areas that can contribute to the health and beauty of the female breasts: skin care, massage, and exercising. Unfortunately, at the moment, I have no solutions for how to heal a society, besides the fact that a change can start with one woman at a time. 

I hope that this post will help many women to love their natural breasts and make them want to take better care of them and themselves.

Skincare Products

If you look online there are some skincare products that address the bust area. Here are some products that I am familiar with.

1. YON-KA GALBOL 190 & PHYTO 152

A serum and a cream. The Galbol 190 serum has a liquid consistency and it comes in a spray bottle. It has a nice scent of aromatic oils. Using it I noticed an immediate tightening of the skin. The Phyto 152 cream has a strong scent of rosemary and when I put it on my skin it had a strong smell of sweat, thankfully this smell disappeared within a few seconds. Both serum and cream are very potent and you only need to use very little of them at a time, so the products can last up to 5-6 months when using them twice a day. When I started using these two products I decided to use the cream only on one breast to see if it offers extra firming qualities besides the serum. The first thing I noticed was that the skin of the breast where I had put the cream on looked brighter than the skin of the breast where I had only used the serum. I attribute it to the fact that the cream offers more moisture to the skin.  I also used the cream on my left upper arm, to check its effectiveness without the serum. Two weeks later I compared the look of my two arms by lifting them 90 degrees from the body, in front of a mirror - there was a difference. The left upper arm looked firmer than the right one. In general rosemary is known for its skin firming qualities, but it is not recommended for pregnant women, since higher doses of the plant may cause miscarriage. 


2. CLARINS Bust Beauty Firming Lotion

Clarins has a wide line of products designed for the bust area. I used their Bust Beauty Firming Lotion years ago and I was very happy with it. The bottle lasts for about 3 months when using it twice a day. For this post I decided to try it again. It is a very light, yet very moisturizing lotion that was easily absorbed by my skin. The fragrance, though nice, smelled synthetic. There was a slight noticeable immediate tightening effect but it was not as dramatic as it was when I used the YON-KA products, however, in time, there was an accumulating tightening affect that was impressive.



I came across Bosom Blossom cream when I was looking for a cream that claims to enlarge the breasts naturally. Lass, an Ayurvedic cosmetics company from India, claims that their cream can enlarge small breasts up to two sizes. The main ingredient in this cream is Ashwagandha, a plant that offers many health qualities similar to ginseng. Ashwagandha contains phytoestrogen, a plant-based estrogen. The use of estrogen, from either synthetic or natural source,  is common in the cosmetics industry, since it's known to plump up, tighten, and moisturize the skin. Soy and Wild Yam also have phytoestrogen in them. In my research for this post, I learned about Pueraria Mirifica, a plant from Thailand that also contains phytoestrogen and is used in different products that claim to enlarge bust size.  One jar of the Bosom Blossom cream had lasted me for 6 weeks of using it twice daily. The cream has a nice scent of jasmine and was absorbed in the skin within 30 seconds, which made it difficult to massage the breasts for 3-5 minutes as the instructions require. When I was using this cream I did notice a slight lifting effect and that the breasts mildly plumped up after a few weeks of use, but I did not experience any size change in the 6 weeks period I had used it. From what I had read, it takes between 2-7 months to see a difference. Any product that contains estrogen is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and women with a  history of breast cancer. 


Here are three different massage methods that will help improve the health and the look of your breasts.


1. Hydromassage

A splash of cold water is a great way to tone and firm the skin. In 1947 CLARINS introduced to the market the first model of a popular device that was later known as Model'Bust that uses water to massage each breast directly. I cannot find this product anymore. The cheapest way to give your breasts a hydromassage is to spray cold water on them at the end of your shower.


 2. Lymphatic Massage

I became aware of the impact of a healthy-lymphatic-system on the youthful look of the skin when I read Chizu Saeki's book The Japanese Skincare Revolution, where she had dedicated a whole chapter to this subject.  Lymphatic massage can help to firm the breasts and clean toxins from the body. On Youtube there are many videos that demonstrate how to perform it, below is one of them.

3. The Deer Exercise

This exercise is actually a massage. I learned about this massage exercise in Brigitte Mars' book Beauty by Nature in a chapter called "Beautiful and Healthy Breasts". This massage can be used to enlarge or decrease the size of the breasts. To do this massage sit up straight, press one of your heels against the clitoris. Rub your hands together to warm them up and start massaging the breast in circular motions. To enlarge the breasts make 36 inward circular movements. To decrease the size of the breasts make 36 counterclockwise circular movements. When you are done with the massage do 36 Kegel exercises.



The breasts have no muscles in them, but there are supportive muscles around them that can affect their shape. Your posture has also an affect on the shape and firmness of your breasts. Here are three different exercising options with different difficulty levels.

1. This one exercise is easy and quick to do and no equipment is necessary.

2. Here are 5 simple exercises that do not require equipment.

3. These exercises are for girls who like to work hard. Weights are required.


Bare Reality: 100 women and their breasts

To help you make peace with your breasts take a look at the Bare Reality website of the photographer Laura DodsworthLaura has taken photos of the breasts of 100 women who share their personal breasts stories in order to explore the dichotomy between the personal perception of the breasts and how they are presented in the media.