Salmon Days in Issaquah, WA

You know you have localized in Seattle when you can name at least three kinds of salmon and can recognize your favorite one at the deli by its color. The fall is the time when the older salmon swim up the rivers to lay their eggs before they die. This season is celebrated in the Seattle area at the Salmon Hatchery in the historic downtown of Issaquah, located 17 miles east of Seattle, and is called the “Salmon Days Festival”. This year the Salmon Days Festival happens on the weekend of October 4th-5th. If you want to avoid the crowds you can go there this weekend and watch the older fish swim to their final destination or watch the younger Salmon jump against the water current in the pools. 

Here are more things to do in historic downtown Issaquah:


Issaquah History Museum and Valley Trolley Tour

The museum offers a 1-hour tour that explores the local history and culture.
The Valley Trolley operates from spring to fall on weekends only, from 11am to 3pm. Leaving from the museum, it is a ½ a mile ride and a fun way to learn about the history of Issaquah

The Village Theatre


Established in 1979, the theatre offers many original shows, which are tested on the local audience before deciding if to launch them on a national tour. The theatre also offers table readings of new plays in front of an audience. 

So, There – Gift Shop

Local artist Alison Lang opened this store a year ago where she offers “useful gifts” made by local artists and herself. You can find there hypoallergenic jewelry, pottery, hand made papers, lampshades made of old book library cards, and more.

Nature in Issaquah:


The Issaquah Alps


The Issaquah Alps is the general name to the mountains in Issaquah that offer many outdoor activities; like the State Forest in Tiger Mountain, the Zoo and Regional Wildland Park in Cougar Mountain, and the State Park in Squak Mountain

Lake Sammamish

Lake Sammamish is a freshwater lake that stretches from Issaquah to Redmond in the south. Lake Sammamish is a State Park that offers swimming, boating, fishing, biking and hiking trails, wild life viewing and more.