Walking Up Mt. Rainier


Until last year, in all of my visits to Mt. Rainier I had never bothered walking up to the top. Located 90 mi/145km south east from Seattle, Mt. Rainier is a Washington state icon; number 17th in the US highest peaks. On clear days you can see this gorgeous mountain from Seattle.
Mt. Rainier from Lake Washington, Seattle

Until last September, each time I went there I simply got out of the car at Paradise, walked around the visitor center, admired the views, took some photos, and drove back home. I planed on doing the same, when I took my brother Yair to the mountain, during his visit from Israel. Yair, being a scientist, was curious and wanted to see more of the mountain. Despite my protests he managed to convince me to walk up the mountain “just a little bit,” that’s what he said. This ‘little bit’ of his, which kept reoccurring, walked me all the way to the top. I wasn’t dressed for the occasion, I wasn’t prepared to do any physical activity, let alone hiking on a mountain, but I ended up following him all the way to the top. Thanks to him, by pushing me out of my comfort zone, I got to see the most beautiful views. It looked like we were on the set of The Sound of Music in the Swiss Alps. 

Two weeks ago I went there again with my husband. This time I planned to walk up the mountain and I made sure that I was dressed comfortably for the occasion. The beginning is a bit hard because of the steep pathway, but then it becomes easier. The wild flowers were very fragrant and colorful. They reminded me of the flowers in the movie What Dreams May Come, with Robin Williams.  I really enjoyed the walk up. It took us a beautiful 1.5 hours to get to the top, walking our way up on stone steps, ice, and melting snow. Going down was a fraction of the time of going up; less than 30 minutes.  This made me think about life, how slow and hard it is to climb up and how quick and easy it is to go down.