How I Came To Love Classical Guitar

I remember very well the moment when I fell in love with classical guitar music. It was in the fall of 1996 at the performance art center in Tiberius, Israel. In that concert there was actually supposed to be a trumpet soloist from Germany, but he did not come. There were some Palestinian riots in the country at the time and I don’t know if he was scared to arrive in Israel or decided to ban the country because of political reasons. Instead we had an amazing performance of a local guitarist named Ruben Serioussi, who managed to hypnotize the whole audience. I remember sitting there and marveling at the way he was playing guitar, like he was making love to the instrument, and enjoying and savoring every minute of it. This concert started me looking for more classical guitar music and performers; here are a few of my favorites:

Adagio de Aranjuez played by Ruben (Reuven) Seroussi

Classical Gas by Mason Williams

I first heard this gorgeous music when I was watching the movie “The Dish”.  Of course I bought the soundtrack of the movie just because of this piece of music.

La Vida Breve played by John Williams

I was looking online for a collection of classical guitar music when I found John Williams’ The Ultimate Guitar Collection. It is a great double CD classical music collection.

Casa De Amor by Armik


Last fall I was working in the yard while listening to my Pandora classical guitar station when Armik’s music started to play.  The music captivated me and I had to look whose music it was. There was something very happy in his music with his Middle Eastern influences. It reminded me of music I heard in Israel at weddings. To make sure that I wouldn’t forget this music, I immediately went online to order his  Rosa Del Amore CD, before returning back to my gardening work.