The Moment It Hit Me That I Have Became Ms. Universe

Two days before Christmas I received a thank you email from a friend to whom I sent a bouquet of flowers for the holiday. She wrote to me that she had just returned from the shop where she was debating if to buy flowers or not, but then decided against it.  She was surprised when she came home to find the flowers waiting for her.

I wrote back to her that sometimes it is enough to release a wish to the universe and let it take care of our needs.  After I had sent the email I realized that in her case I was Ms. Universe. I couldn’t stop laughing from the thought.  It felt good.

It made me think of all the different incidents where other people showed up in my life delivering something that I needed or wanted, just at the right time. It also made me think of all the other times when I was the one to deliver something to someone else.  It is a beautiful dance in life of giving and receiving.

In this reality we are all messengers and recipients at different times of our life. What I find the hardest to do is to let go and release my needs to the universe instead of insisting to control and narrate my life. There are elements humility and calmness in this approach, where you let life unfold and surprise you. Not an easy thing to do in a culture that encourages control, reliable data base, and knowledge of the how, when, where, etc., but I’m going to give it a try.  It will be fun to let people become Ms. and Mr. Universe in my life.