80s Music Part 1/4

As my birthday approaches I am flooded with different nostalgic memories. Last year it was the memory of our crazy dog, this year it’s 80s music. I remember creating my own music collection by recording songs on cassettes from the radio. I remember going to bed with a Walkman, falling asleep to the sweet schmaltzy songs of Air Supply. I remember a lot of music from back then.  Here are some of songs that I remember:

Air Supply – All Out Of Love (1980)

Human League – Don’t You Want Me (1981)

Toto – Africa (1982)

Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (1982)

Roxy  Music – Avalon (1982)

Gazebo – I Love Chopin (1983)

Culture Club – Karma Chameleon (1983)

Irene Cara, Flashdance -What A Feeling (1983)

Tears for Fears – Mad World (1983)
Sade – Smooth Operator (1984)