A Sweet Way To Lose Weight

Here is a sweet way to loose weight: Hoodia Parviflora SNACK LESS chewing gum. Imagine chewing sweet and delicious gum and watching your extra pounds disappear without fighting to control your willpower or suffering from food cravings, hunger, sugar plunge, or mood swings.  Skeptic? I was too – until I tried them myself. 

Before you read about my personal experience with SNACK LESS chewing gum, here is the story behind the SNACK LESS products: Hoodia, is a cactus-like plant that grows in the Kalahari desert. Hunters from San Bushmen have been eating it for years to survive without food during their long hunting trips. South African scientists found out that the Hoodia plant contains an unknown molecule they called P57. Understanding this molecule came after several years of research led by Dr. Richard Dixey of the British pharmaceutical company Phytopharm, who discovered that P57 has appetite suppressant qualities. To read more on the subject see Tom Mangold’s BBC article

In 2003 the Israeli Kibbutz of Yotvata looked into a new agricultural development that would work in its desert climate. After thorough and careful research the kibbutz had decided on growing Hoodia Parviflora, a more rare plant than the popular Hoodia Gordonii. Yotvata established Desert Labs, the company that would develop the Hoodia Parviflora product line.  Desert Labs bought the patented seeds from the South African government for $1000 each; which goes to support the Bushmen. In 2007 the kibbutz had its first yield of Hoodia. Equipped with the FDA GRAS (food safety) status, Desert Labs released to the market its first product - frozen Hoodia cubes.  Next, Desert Labs looked for creating more palatable Hoodia products that will give consumers the same appetite suppressant results but without the natural bitter flavor of the plant. They found the solution in drying, grinding and mixing the Hoodia powder with sweet snacks.  This resulted in the creation of the SNACK LESS product line - delicious chewing gum and fruit snacks that contain Hoodia.  The chewing gum contains 120mg  Hoodia Parviflora

Photo by Yossi Aloni

When I first heard about SNACK LESS chewing gum I was very skeptical about its ability to make any difference in my appetite. As a veteran of different appetite suppressants, prescription and over the counter, I had my fair share of disappointments. Trying the SNACK LESS chewing gum I thought at most I would enjoy a nice 2 calories snack.

My first surprise was the flavor. I did not expect it to be so delicious. SNACK LESS chewing gum comes in three different flavors: mint, cinnamon and strawberry. I liked them all, even the mint – a chewing gum flavor I’m unusually not a big fan of. The strawberry is my favorite.

When I first started with SNACK LESS chewing gum, I enjoyed having something sweet after, or between meals, which is the time when I crave sweet snacks the most. I felt that it was a satisfying replacement for any high caloric sweet alternative. I did not notice any change in my appetite immediately, but it was a growing feeling over several days of chewing the gum. When it finally hit me – it was a shocking experience. I lost interest in food, could not eat much when I had to, and by the end of the day the idea of dinner was repulsive. The feeling continued even several days after I had stopped having the chewing gum.

Another benefit of the SNACK LESS chewing gum is its effect on my blood sugar. Despite the fact that I did not eat much, I did not experience even once a sugar plunge – and I am hypoglycemic!!! It was amazing to go through the day with little food without experiencing headaches, nausea, fatigue, or brain fog.

By now I’m a big fan of SNACK LESS. Even if you have tried different diet products in the market with no results, I would urge you to give this product a chance. You can use SNACK LESS even if you don’t want to lose weight, but want to change your eating habits without much of a struggle. If for example you want to become vegan, or just have a healthier diet, but your cravings sabotage your good intentions – here is something to try. 

I also had the SNACK LESS fruit bar, which I found to be a marvelous weight control product. In general, I stay away from any fruit bar because of the high content of sugar that wreaks havoc on my blood sugar. That was not my experience with the SNACK LESS bar. My blood sugar was stable for hours and I did not experience any hunger or food cravings. The fruit bar, just like the chewing gum, has a great flavor with some satisfying crunch of seeds that are in it.  It’s great for breakfast on the go, or a snack to curb hunger between meals.


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