The Aerobic Yoga

For many people the word yoga is associated with slow concentrated movements and calming music in the background, the antonym of aerobic. This assumption is right in some yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga that focuses on physical postures. However, there is another kind of yoga that is very aerobic. It is called Kundalini Yoga. The exercises are very stimulating and energizing. This workout can be helpful for people with sluggish thyroid, exhausted adrenal glands, poor metabolism, brain fog and more. Some of the exercises are even suitable for people in a wheel chair, as long as they can move their upper body.

At home I have three different Kundalini Yoga DVDs, each has a different approach.  Kundalini Yoga starts with slowly reciting some words in Sanskrit. Personally, I have no patience for this process so I skip to the exercises and if I’m not in the mood I also skip the final deep relaxation at the end of the exercise routine.  This shaves some time from the length of the DVD, if you don’t have the whole 60-90 minutes to exercise.

This DVD was my first introduction to Kundalini Yoga.  At the beginning I couldn’t complete the exercises; it was either that my muscles were burning in pain or I was out of breath. Today I have no problem doing the whole program and I actually look forward to doing some of the exercises. Maya’s explanations are very clear and easy to follow. She also created the music in the background. 

What I love about this DVD is that it is broken into several segments and by the end of each segment you can choose to end your exercise with the final meditation or continue to the next. When you watch the DVD you see Ana and hear Ravi’s voice giving instructions in the background. I find it hard to listen to his quiet voice with the music in the background.

This DVD really pushes me to the limit of my aerobic ability. I still cannot complete all the exercises and some I just choose to avoid because I don’t feel that they are right for my body. This Yoga workout is intense and will make you sweat. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga I don’t recommend starting with this one.