When Your Fall Becomes the Beginning of Your Rise

On September 8th the whole world watched the footage of the Hungarian camerawoman tripping a Syrian refugee who was holding his son. What looked like the lowest point in this man’s life turned out to be a blessing in disguise. His famous fall made him stand out from the other thousands of anonymous refugees and his identity shortly thereafter became known to all: Osama Abdul Mohsen, a soccer coach from Syria. Thanks to that media exposure and the ensuing public outcry Osama received a job, including accommodations, as a soccer coach in Spain. He will now be able to bring the rest of his family from a refugee camp in Turkey to be with him in Europe. 

This story made me think of many incidents in my life that I first considered to be unfortunate and later realized how lucky I was to have had them, incidents that shifted my life in a better way. It reminds me of the Hebrew saying “Me’az Yatza Matok” (taken from Samson’s riddle in the book of Judges 14:14 “…out of the strong came something sweet.”), which means that sometimes something good comes out of something bad.

Sometimes when we feel that we are in the lowest point in our life, it may just be the beginning of something great.