The Palestinian Guide to Happiness and Success

I know. In our current reality the phrase “Palestinian Happiness” seems to be an oxymoron. Yet, there is still a great lesson to learn from the Palestinians of how to have a happy and fulfilling life.

I have been listening lately to both Brian Tracy’s audio book called Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life and to podcasts from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. They both talk about the need to forgive, release the past, and take personal responsibility in one’s life as a key to happiness and success. Connecting these lessons with the recent violent attacks of Palestinians on Israeli citizens, made me think about the psychology and behavior of the Palestinians.

For decades the Palestinians have been fighting for the establishment of their own independent state. They endure a continuous life of poverty, hardship, and tragedy and for many years they have been blaming Israel for their own misery. Would they be happy if they gained their independence? Would it solve all their problems if Israel would cease to exist? I doubt it. Peace starts from within. Israel is the least of their problems but they, on the other hand, are their own worst enemy. You can read about some of social issues the Palestinians have been dealing with in an article I wrote last year about the differences between the Israeli and Palestinian societies. Issues such as violation of human rights and corruption are very common among the Palestinian authorities (Both in Gaza and the West Bank). The following video talks about the billions of foreign aid money that was stolen by the Palestinian leaders instead of going towards the welfare of their own people. 

Sometimes we can learn a lesson from the negative – what not to be or do. If you want to be happy and successful – you can learn from the Palestinians. True. It is easy to blame others for your bad fortune instead of taking personal responsibility for it, but it will not solve your problems. You can blame others for your misery and misfortune, you can hold a grudge, you can fill your mind with violent ideas, and you can seek revenge and harm. You can do all that and doom yourself to a long tragic life. On the other hand you can take the courageous path in life and do the hard work that it takes to achieve happiness and success. You can release the past, forgive people that hurt you, and take full responsibility of your own life and happiness. You can look inside and see how to become a better person for yourself and how you can improve your life with what you have at the moment. You can decide to be miserable or happy and successful, it’s in your own hands.