Where have all the Good Romantic Movies Gone?

Have you noticed that since the passing of Nora Ephron, Hollywood doesn't produce many romantic movies? We have a serious romantic drought in the cinematic field and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had affected other fields in our life, like the decline in birth rate and increase of anti depressant prescriptions.

Just for the clarification, let me define what a good romantic movie is: A basic romantic movie explores the love story between two people, usually a man and a woman. It shows the conflict they have (why they cannot be together) and how they resolve it. Eventually they confess their love and end up together. The End. A good romantic movie uses the sweet plot to explore a social aspect, like class differences (Sabrina), historical events (The Scarlet Pimpernel), technology (You’ve Got Mail) etc. A romantic movie, by no means, should be dark, cynical, scary, or tragic. There are different genres that invoke theses sentiments. A good romantic movie is fun to watch. It makes the viewers smile, feel optimistic and inspired to become better people for themselves and others. And that’s why we need more of them in our world.

Two years ago I wrote in my blog a long list of my favorite romantic movies. Unfortunately I cannot add a lot more to this list. Today I find that my only options for a romantic movie are either to watch an old movie, or a foreign movie. Here are three more recommendations:

That Touch of Mink (1962, USA) 

Staring Doris Day and Cary Grant: An entertaining romantic story develops when a rich man meets a young woman. He wants sex, she wants marriage: guess who wins?

To fill the void (1912, Israel)

A gentle love story develops between a young Jewish orthodox women and her sister’s widower.

Love is all you need (2013, Denmark)

Staring Pierce Brosnan. A beautiful love story blooms between two adults who meet at the wedding of their children in Italy.

Sussane Bier, who won the Oscar for her movie In a Better World, wrote and directed this sweet romantic movie. 

If you know of any good romantic movie please let me know. You can add a comment here, or send an email to aforlifestyle@gmail.com. If you are part of the film industry – PLEASE make more romantic movies, if you have no clue where to begin you can contact me.