Passion Explained: Exploring the Nature of Love and Desire

Believe it or not there are scientific explanations behind the feelings of love, sexual desire, and a broken heart. It’s quite fascinating to learn about the hormones that are responsible for our emotional state, and the psychology behind sexual attraction. In this post I share some of my favorite books on the topic and lectures by the authors. If you are familiar with other interesting books and theories about love and desire I would love to hear your recommendations.

 Why We Love

Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher explores what happens in our body when we fall in and out of love. This book is the result of years of research with different experts who also performed brain MRI tests on people in love and people with recently broken relationships.

 Mating in Captivity

Couples therapist Ester Perel discusses the paradox between love (safety, familiarity) and passion (excitement, revelation) in a relationship. 

Kosher Lust

Rabbi and couples therapist Shmuley Botheach, who also wrote “Kosher Sex” and “Kosher Sutra”, argues that love has a very short shelf life and it’s the erotic passion that keeps relationships going.

The Chemistry Between Us

Biologist and Neuroscientist Dr. Larry Young explains in a very easy to understand way the chemistry in our body that enables us to bond with others and to love them.


A Billion Wicked Thoughts

Neuroscientists Dr. Ogi Ogas and Dr. Sai Gaddan conducted a huge research using online data to figure out the nature of human desire. In their book they reveal the different biological sexual cues of men and women.