7 Products for Strong and Beautiful Nails

After years of experimenting with my nails and trying different products, I’m ready to share here some of my favorite products.


Biotin (Vitamin B7) is an inexpensive supplement that strengthens nails and hair. I saw improvements in the thickness of my nails within a few days after I started taking it. For most people it takes several weeks to see a difference. I use Natrol 10,000 mcg Biotin.

Some people find that silica works better for them than biotin, while others find that taking silica and biotin together works for them best.

White Iodine

White Iodine/Decolorized iodine strengthens nail and also treats some nail fungus. Use a dropper to apply to nail and cuticle.

For strengthening – use it once a week on a clean nail and leave over night. While White Iodine is clear and doesn't stain nails, it does however leaves yellow stains on fabrics and surfaces.  To whiten yellowish nails - massage them daily with coconut oil.

For treating fungus – use White Iodine at least twice a day on the infected area, until the nail is completely healed. This might take several months. Toe nails grow a lot slower than fingernails, hence it takes a longer time to get rid of toe nail fungus. Other topical treatments for nail fungus: Tea tree oil and oregano oil.

Cuticle cream

Massaging your cuticles with cream on a daily basis will moist and soften the skin around the nail. I had a teacher in elementary school who used to massage her cuticles with Sally Hansen’s cream during the class. I still remember the peach scent of her cream. I prefer the more natural products such as Burt’s Bees or Badger’s.

Cuticle remover

Using cuticle remover every week will help you to minimize the need to cut your cuticles. Many dermatologists recommend to avoid cutting cuticles since the process can cause injury, infection, and in some cases even disfiguration of the nail. The two cuticle removers that I like are Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator and Sally Hansen Cuticle remover

 Nail Polish

Nail strengthener:
Over the years I have tried several products that promised to strengthen nails. The only product that worked for me and really allowed me to grow long and strong nails is O.P.I Original Nail Envy.

Nail color neutralizer:
Zoya’s Lavender perfector is a great solution for those of you who prefer to leave their nails natural and want to keep the white tip from looking yellow. Despite the lavender color – it is very sheer.

Top coat:
After trying several products on the market I’ve decided that Seche Vite is the best. It dries faster than the other products that I have tried, leaves a nice thick  coat on the nail, and keeps the nail polish for a week. If you decide to buy this product, also consider buying Seche Vite Restore – the thinner, since Seche Vite doesn’t dry fast only on your nail, but also in the bottle. 

Manicure tutorial video by Sally Hansen