Funny Sweet Feel Good Movies

Now that the festivity of the holidays is over and we are left with just winter, here are some movies that will warm up your heart. 

The Grand Seduction (Canada 2014)

After government regulations killed the local finishing industry, the survival of a small remote village relies on their trickery to lure a company to open a factory that will provide local jobs. As one of the company’s conditions is to have a doctor in town, the locals take extreme measures to convince a young city doctor to take up residency there.

Where Do We Go Now (Lebanon 2011)

By Lebanese Writer/Director/Actress Nadine Labaki (Caramel).  A civil strife causes tension between the Muslim and Christian men of a remote Lebanese Village. The women find creative ways to ease the tension.  

The Intouchables (France 2011)

Based on a true story of friendship between a wealthy quadriplegic and his young troubled assistant.

Starbuck (Canada 2011)

Years after selling his sperm to raise money for a family vacation, an irresponsible delivery-man finds out that he is the father of hundreds of children. The Delivery Man (USA 2013) staring Vince Vaughn is the American version of the story.

The Infidel (UK 2010)

A Muslim man finds out that he was adopted and that his biological parents are Jewish.  Need I say more?

The Concert (France, Russia 2009)

Years after he lost his job as a conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra because of his political views, Andrei finds an opportunity to reunite his old players and perform in Paris.

Kinky Boots (UK 2005)

Based on a true story: after meeting a drag queen the owner of a failing men’s shoe factory finds his new niche market. 

Goodbye Lenin (Germany 2003)

When his devoted communist mother wakes up from a long coma caused by a heart attack, the doctors tell him she must avoid shock.  Now Alex must hide from her the fact that the Berlin Wall fell.

Saving Grace (UK 2000)

After her husband’s suicide leaves her with no money, a talented Orchid gardener starts growing Marijuana for a living.

For Roseanna/ Roseanna’s Grave (USA, 1999)

Marcello’s dying wife asks to be buried in the local cemetery where her late daughter is buried. The problem is that there are only a few burial plots left in the small cemetery. To respect his wife’s wish, Marcello tries to keep the people of their village alive.

East is East (UK 1999)

Living in the UK with his British wife, a Pakistani man tries hard to raise his 7 children as Pakistanis.

Il Postino (the postman) (Italy 1994)

A fictional story about the relationship between the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and a postman in the small Italian island, where he was exiled in 1950. Neruda teaches the postman about poetry, love, and women and inspires him to follow his heart.

The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (France 1973)

Escaping from criminals and the police an anti-Semitic French businessman has to impersonate a popular rabbi to save his life.