5 Effective Skincare Products that Treat Sun Spots

They are called sunspots, liver spot, age spots, freckles, hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration, and uneven skin tone. The causes are as different as the names: aging, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, liver dysfunction, and skin wounds. Thankfully today there are many products in the market that are designed to treat skin discoloration and create more even and bright skin. Since each person is different, it is best to try different products to find the right one for you.

Over the years I have tried many products to treat my sun spots, including prescription creams such as Tri-Luma and Retin-A 0.1%. After many trials and errors I found out that the more natural and gentle products yield the best results for my skin – it just takes time and persistent use. Here is a list of my favorite products to treat sun spots:


Lightweight serum that smells like the grape seeds it is made of. Brightens and prevents dark spots, and makes skin radiant. Contains patented Viniferine that was proven to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C.


Clarins: Bright Plus HP

This is one of my favorite day creams. All in one: a moisturizer, brightener, and SPF 20. The cream contains an extract of Sea Lily, a Mediterranean flower that stops skin from producing melanin. It has a wonderful fresh smell and it brightens and evens out skin tone immediately upon application.


Juice Beauty: Stem Cellular CC Cream

Some regular foundations emphasize sun spots. This natural CC (Color Correction) cream is a multi tasking one: it corrects, moisturizes, evens out skin discolorations, protects from the sun with SPF 30, and contains different anti aging ingredients. It does a good job giving skin an even look and healthy glow for many hours.


This is a rich night cream that brightens skin and evens it out with each use. With initial uses there might be some tingly feeling due to the vitamin C content.  In the morning the skin is hydrated, bright, and plumped. The cream has a strong smell of roses that some like and others dislike.


Clarins: UV Plus

Anti pollution SPF 50. As all Clarins’ products it smells really good. It absorbs easily on the skin without leaving oily or white residue. It won’t crumble under makeup and can also be applied on top of makeup.  While most physical sun blocks use zinc, this one is based on titanium dioxide. This is important to know if you use a skin care product that contains copper peptide: zinc and copper peptide might neutralize each other’s effect.