The Natural and Simple Cure for Chronic Dry Eyes

Getting up in the morning feeling like there is sand in your eyes – is one of the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes. About three years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eyes; a condition caused by a lack of adequate production of tears. My eye doctor put me on RESTASIS, the only prescription eye drops known to treat dry eyes.  

Although I liked the results RESTASIS had brought to my eyes, I had two concerns regarding using this medicine: 

1. The price – a package of 30 vials costs more than $300 if your health insurance doesn’t cover it.

2. The chemicals – I felt uncomfortable treating my body with unnatural substances.

Over the years I have tried different natural products in the hopes of finding a natural cure for my dry eyes, but nothing really helped. Each time I had tried to stop using RESTASIS, the uncomfortable dry sensation in my eyes would return. When I shared my frustration with a friend of mine, she suggested trying Omega 7. I’m very familiar with Omega 3 (and of course 6 and 9), but I had never heard of Omega 7 before.

When I searched online to learn more about Omega 7, I found reference to a study that showed that people who suffered from dry eyes and consumed Omega 7 for three months reported experiencing relief from their symptoms.  I was going to give it a try. At a cost of less than $20 a month, this option is a fraction of the price of RESTASIS, not to mention the nutritional value it adds to your body – healthy fatty acid.

Omega 7 comes from both animal sources like fish, egg yolks and cheese, and plant sources such as sea buckthorn berries, macadamia nuts, and avocado. I have been using Omega 7s from both fish oil and from sea buckthorn – they both work well for me. Just like the study found – after 3 month of taking Omega 7 I no longer needed my RESTASIS drops. During the initial three months I did not need to use RESTASIS as frequently as I needed before (i.e. morning and night every day). Recently, when my eye doctor asked me if I needed a refill prescription for my medication – I was so happy to announce that I didn’t need it anymore. I told her about Omega 7. Like me before, she had never heard of that. Also, never before had she meet a patient who went off RESTASIS.

If you suffer from dry eyes – give nature a chance to heal you. Try Omega 7. 

LifeExtension  offers Omega 7 based on fish oil.
SIBU offers Omega 7 based on sea buckthorn oil.