Night Creams for Women Over 40 with Sensitive Skin

If you have crossed the age of 40 you have probably noticed that your skin is not what is used to be. It has gotten thinner over the years. You may have developed sunspots. Your expression lines got deeper. New fine lines decorate the area around your eyes.  And it takes longer for your pillow-lines to bounce back in the morning. This is the time when your skin asks for more hydration and than ever. The market today offers a huge variety of skin care products for different needs, but it is a bit challenging when it comes to find an anti aging product that is also suitable for sensitive skin. Some of the active ingredients used in those products can really irritate the skin. In the past four years I have tried numerous creams on my sensitive skin and I’m happy to share a list of my favorite night creams here.

Before we go to the list of products, here are some points to consider:

·      Please bear in mind that everyone’s skin is different; products that are fine with my skin might be irritating to your skin and vice versa. I suggest trying samples before purchasing any cream. If you can’t find samples in stores or spas in your area, you can buy them on ebay. Another option is to buy products from stores with a good return policy.

·      When you try a new product for the first time use it alone so you will be able to tell for sure if it is right for you. Once your skin is used to it you can try it in conjunction with your other favorite serums or oils.

·      Whatever you choose to use, don’t expect miracles. I don’t know any cream or serum that brings back the youthful skin you had in your 20’s. However, with continuous use of good skincare products and sun protection while maintaining a healthy lifestyle – you will have nice looking skin.

·      As a simple solution to avoid or minimize pillow-lines, you could invest in a silk pillowcase (about $20).

·      Some of the creams I mention here can also be used during the day (don't forget your sun block). They can be a bit too heavy under make up or in a hot and humid climate.  

·      To control the length of this post I chose to write about my personal experience. To learn more about the products and ingredients visit the pages that I have linked to each product.

·      I’m not affiliated with any cosmetic company nor do I receive any compensation for this review. This post is the result of my personal interest in skin care. I tend to try different products because I get bored using the same one for a long period of time.

La Mer – Moisturizing Soft Cream

For many years I refused to try this cream because of its price. That was until a sale representative literally pushed a sample into my hand. I tried it and was hooked. I had a fresh scratch on my face that disappeared the morning after using this cream. This is more like a medicine than a cosmetic cream and I think our health insurance should let us pay for it with our co-pay. The original formula, though very effective, is not very pleasant to use. I prefer the soft version of the cream.  AM/PM cream. 

Clarins – Super Restorative Night

This cream is designed for women over 50, but it is excellent for women in their 40s. I have also tried Clarin’s night Extra Firming cream that is recommended for women in their 40s, but wasn’t very impressed with it. The Super Restorative cream, though more expensive, is a much better investment of money for your skin. It addresses several skin problems that come with age such as loss of hydration, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone. I could see the difference in my skin right after the first night. The eye cream from the Super Restorative series is also a nice product.

Yonka – Excellence Code Cream

Yonka is not very well known in the USA and it’s a pity. They have some really nice products. Like with Clarins, I first started using their Advance Optimizer cream and serum, which are recommended for women in their 40’s, but aside from moisturizing my skin, it didn’t do anything to my skin. Then I decided to try their Excellence Code cream, which is designed for more mature skin (age 55+), and I loved it. This cream is a powerhouse of natural ingredients. When I first put this cream on my face, I was sure that I was going to have a burn – it felt very strong - but the opposite happened. I found it, like the La Mer cream, to be very healing. AM/PM cream.


Kate Somerville – Age Arrest

I love the different scientific facts behind Kate Somerville’s products.  This cream was developed based on a Nobel Prize winning scientific discovery, which found how to prolong the life of cells in our body. I loved what this cream did to my skin – long lasting hydration and firm and bright look. I could see an on going improvement with continuous use. AM/PM cream.

Caudalie – Premier Cru La Creme Riche

If you are familiar with Caudalie, you probably know that the base to all their products is the chemicals found in grapes and grape seeds. It’s not as exciting as the variety of different interesting ingredients used in products of Kate Somerville or Eminence, but they still make good products. This cream is very thick and rich. The application is similar to La Mer – warm up a little cream between your fingers and press it against your skin. The cream is lightly perfumed and there is a noticeable smell of wine.

Eminence – Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream

This cream smells like blueberry yogurt. It’s very rich and nourishing and I loved the healthy glow that my skin had in the morning. I also tried Eminence’s Manoi night cream. I loved the tropical fruit smell, but didn’t find it to be hydrating enough. It might be better for you if you live in a hot and humid climate. For cold winter-nights when the heat is working and the air in the house is very dry I would recommend using the blueberry and soy cream. If you prefer a cream that you can use both morning and night – try Eminence’s Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer. It’s one of their best sellers and for a very good reason. 

REN - Bio Retinoid Anti-Aging Cream 

Not the most appealing scent. I wish REN would do something about it. The cream itself is wonderful - my skin was glowing and saturated with moisture. It must be the nice combination of natural oils and retinol that made my epidermis happy. AM/PAM cream

Avene – RetinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream

You might have noticed Avene products at your dermatologist office. They make products for really sensitive skin. Retinol, which is a derivative of vitamin A, is known to increase collagen production but can be irritating to the skin. Retinal is a much milder component of vitamin A and there are some claims that it is even more effective than Retinol. The cream absorbs very quickly in the skin and it almost feels like it’s not hydrating enough. If that is what you feel, before you add another layer of cream or oil, wait until the morning. If your skin feels dewy – it has enough hydration for you. 

Korres – Black Pine Firming, Lifting & Antiwrinkle Night Cream

This is a very fragrant cream. Some women are bothered by the scent but I like it. It’s has a nice light and airy texture and it’s very hydrating. I did try the serum from the same series but it irritated my skin. If you are worried about skin discoloration or sunspots - try Korres’ Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial; I love to pair it with Estee Lauder’s Night Repair serum for anti aging treatment.

Bluemercury – Hydraboost Cream

This is a very thick and rich cream that is designed for dry skin. My combination skin loved it. My pores never looked so healthy. AM/PM cream.

Clark’s Botanicals – Age Defying Radiance Cream

Rich with natural oils and extracts, this cream feels almost like a salve – but at the same time it’s very light; my skin absorbed it quickly. The cream has natural pink tint, I suspect it’s from the Sea Buckthorn oil. As the company promises – it does give the skin a natural glow. AM/PM cream.