Adventuring the Quest for Love

adventures for singles

When it comes to meeting people, all roads lead to Rome. You can meet someone in college, at work, through friends, at a party, during a flight, being stuck in an elevator, in a car accident, and the list goes on. Some people need to take more initiative in order to meet people, while others enjoy serendipity. Going on an adventure with other singles is when you combine these two scenarios into a winning one – where you initiate first and foremost to have fun and meet people,  and hopefully, while doing so, have a serendipitous encounter with someone that you click with. If you wonder where to start on this path, Adventure Joe, founder of Adventures for Singles, created a platform just for that. In this interview I spoke with Joe about his philosophy on dating, adventures, and life.

Adventure Joe moved to Seattle from Alaska, where he raced sled dogs, owned a helicopter company, lived on glaciers, and guided brave souls along side him. He has seen the power that Adventure has in bringing people together, and his unique recipe for excitement helps people show the world who they really are. Joe and his wife Brittany settled in Seattle before welcoming their daughter Maxwell into the world in October of 2016. This little addition to the Adventure team is certainly adding many chapters to Joe’s exhaustive list of fun stories.

adventures for singles

What do you find in common with dating and adventure?

Adventures and dating have a lot in common. Both can put you out of your comfort zone, both can be exhilarating, both can lead to a more fulfilling life, and both can lead to something more. The long-term rewards of dating, however, can outlast those of adventuring in my experience. Dating can lead to marriage, a family, deep love. 

Many singles believe that they will start having fun once they have someone to share it with. What is your philosophy on the subject?

You attract what you are. I've met some singles that believe they will start having fun and start trying new things once they have someone to do it with, but the universal law of attraction teaches us otherwise. If someone desires a relationship full of adventure, fun, and new experiences, they first need to start living a life full of adventure, fun, and new experiences. If someone stays-in 7 days a week and watches Netflix and wonders where is that adventurous, fun loving person they desire, my answer is that they are off trying new things with adventurous, fun-loving people.

What is your opinion on online-dating, where people can stay at home and meet new people?

Online-dating is a great tool to meet people if you have a clear picture of the person you are looking for. Unfortunately, in this forum, people write their profile based on what they think of themselves, which is not necessarily how other people see them, and they put a photo that doesn’t always represent how they look now. You still need to meet in person to really know people.

What do you suggest couples do on a second date, after they have already met for coffee or dinner on their first date?

Keep it to the two of you and get outdoors, no group stuff or other friends. Go for a bike ride on Alki beach. Hike in Discovery Park, kayak Lake Union, walk barefoot through the surf at Golden Gardens, or share an umbrella under the leaves of the Arboretum. Getting outdoors is one of the most relaxing, anxiety-relieving things we can do, and as a culture, we don't do it enough. Appearing relaxed makes you more attractive to those around you. So step outside, hold hands, and get to know one another between breaths of fresh air.

During wintertime many singles enter dating hibernation mode. What would you suggest as a good place to go to, or an activity to do where singles can escape winter gloom, meet people, and have fun?

Go anywhere beside your own house. There is this perception that bars or clubs are the only way to meet people in the winter. There are better ways than that. Be adventurous and explore the city and what it has to offer: do karaoke, go dancing, take cooking lessons, join a meetup for painting, or other activities that interest you. The key is getting out of your house to meet people that you don’t know, while doing something that you enjoy. Remember to be the person that you want to meet; even in the winter, people see you not for what you want to be but for what you are.

What is your motto in life?

I believe that it’s important to put our best foot forward. What we set up in our intention matters. For example: I personally love Monday, but I know a lot of people hate it. If we wake up on Monday morning thinking that it’s going to suck, we will attract a lousy day. If we decide that it’s going to be a kick-ass day, then it will be. We need to set our intention to what we really want to attract to our life.