Experts on Men in Relationships: 4 years blog recap

experts on men in relationships

This coming October, I celebrate 4 years of blogging. It has been an amazing journey that led me to many discoveries. In my early days of blogging I discovered my interest in learning more about relationships and started to search for experts to interview. The more people I interviewed on this topic the more I realized that there is a social need to discuss and provide information about men in relationships. In this blog post you will find quotes about men in relationships from the different experts that I have interviewed over the past four years of blogging. If one of the quotes catches your interest and you want to read more or learn more about the expert – simply click on the link attacked to the name of the original article. My readers have a big part in the way my blog has been developing, as your feedback and suggestions have been inspiring me to search and write about certain topics; this was how blog posts such as Matchmakers on the Challenges Men Have in the Dating Scene Today, and Trapped in the Double Bind were born. As always, I’m still open to hear about new ideas and requests for new blog posts, especially on the topic of relationships. I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your readership, engagement, and support over the past four years – it enriched my world.

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Experts on Men in Relationships

Today more men understand that both genders need to cooperate to improve life for all. Many men, for example, realize that they lose a lot by not being involved in family life. Throughout history, men paid high price for living the masculine stereotypical role of strength and power. The stress to achieve more and more, especially in a capitalistic society, has taken its toll on men.  Suicide rates of men are higher. Men are more involved with death related to violence and wars. Just like not all women are the same, not all men can fit into the traditional masculine model. The ability to be more sensitive and more “domestic” allows many men the freedom to express themselves. Men have also been victims of the traditional social asymmetry. Independent gender scholar Liora Anat-Shafir, What is Feminism?

A lack of intimacy is one of the most common reasons for relationship breakdown; it causes people to feel lonely in a relationship, even when they are having sex. Today men and women are socialized to relate to intimacy as sex. Too many men request sex as proof of love, and too many women give sex in hope of love. Many men do not have the language of emotions and intimacy. They are plagued by social expectations of performance, success, and achievement, and suppress their deepest desires. Intimacy and relationship coach Aimee Heart, What is Intimacy?

Men are clear on what attributes they are looking for in a partner, which makes things easier from my perspective as a matchmaker. However, this can prove to be more problematic in the wider world of dating. By having a clear vision of their desired partner, men are less accepting of any deviations from their ‘dream woman’, creating challenges on their quest for a soul mate. Matchmaker Mairead Molloy, Matchmakers on the Challenges Men Have in the Dating Scene Today
The old adage that says “Men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love” in untrue. Men actually can be very romantic and actually do believe in love and permanent relationships. Men ADORE women, no matter women’s lib or power and independence, they want to admire, protect and love – but women must be feminine and be receptive to love – and sex! If a man’s libido is damaged – he has lost his reason to step up, ever, then expect a mouse, not a man!! Matchmaker Shannon Davidoff, Matchmakers on the Challenges Men Have in the Dating Scene Today

A man will search high and low for the right transmission for his car, because it’s got to be right. He might search the web for a year to find the headlight that is the right headlight. It’s not beyond men to care about doing what is necessary in order to have what they want – once they realize that it’s necessary. Pastor Crystal Guderian, What Men Need to Know About Women

When a man is aware of his emotional side he is able to take charge, assert, and confront resistance, not in a harsh and aggressively hostile way but in an assertive, competent, and confrontive way.

Another challenge that sometimes comes up in a long-term relationship is when the midlife male who is having trouble facing mortality, chooses the denial of loss that is inevitable with the aging process by having affairs with younger women, or divorcing his wife and marrying a younger woman. A Midlife crisis is really hard on men.
Psychologiest Eugene Kidder, Trapped in the Double Bind
Guys tend to think that women have all the power to drive the success or failure of their love life: the guy offers and it’s up to the woman to say yes or no. Dating coach Amin Lakhani, How to Stop Fearing Rejection and Start Dating

The reality is that in crisis women congregate and men isolate. Men don’t ask for directions and they don’t ask for help. I would caution from self-medication to mask over the pain, such as drugs, alcohol, or even relationships. Seek out a strong and healthy support group of people who will genuinely keep you centered. I recommend doing it with people with the same gender, because there are issues that are male issues and there are issues that are female issues. If you start crossing boundaries there is too much temptation to drift into a relationship while you are too vulnerable. DivorceCare facilitator David Hunnicutt, Healing After Divorce

It is easy to blame men and label them as “non-committal” or “commitment-phobe,” but the real issue here in dating is not the men, but how women behave - how impatient they are. Women coach Aga Winnicka, How to Date Like a Woman