How American Couples Meet

How American Couples Meet

In the past couple of months I interviewed about 30 engaged and newly wed couples to learn how they had met.  What I observed was interesting; I could recognize some consistent patterns that I would like to share here with you:

·      Most couples who marry in their 20’s met in college or church.
·      Most couples who marry in their 30’s met at work.
·      Only two couples met online. They both met within the first month of registration.
·      One couple was introduced by a friend; they were both from traditional Hispanic families.

    My conclusions from this very random survey:

·      If you haven’t met someone in college, you have high chances to marry in your 30’s.
·      To make the most of online dating, it is useful to be very clear on who you are and what you want. If you haven’t found someone within a few weeks of registration, it might not be the right medium for you.
·      The American society could learn from traditional societies to be more involved in matchmaking in their community.
·      No matter if you met in college, at work, or online – luck/serendipity is still a big factor when it comes to meeting the right person.