Sex in the Early Stages of a Relationship - Good or Bad Idea?

 A for lifestyle Sex in the Early Stages of a Relationship

I have heard many women say that the man they were dating lost interest soon after they had sex. For some women having sex with a man means stepping their relationship up, but unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily mean the same for their partner. Women tend to fall in love with the man they are having sex with, while men tend to loose interest in the woman they had sex with at early stages of a relationship. There is a biological explanation for why men and women react differently to sex.

During sex the female body releases Oxytocin, which is the bonding hormone. The same process happens when a woman is having a baby; it’s nature’s way to ensure caring for this hopeless demanding creature. The male body doesn’t work the same way; when sex is only an expression of physical desire, there is a high level of testosterone in the body that blocks Oxytocin. Research has found that only after a man is willing to commit, then his testosterone level drops, allowing the body to release Oxytocin.

As human behavior is more complex than one type of explanation, be it biological or psychological, communication is key here. I think people should be open and honest with themselves and their partner about their desires and expectation from their relationship.

Had you had sex in early stages of your relationship? What was your experience? Did it lead to bonding or the dissolving of the relationship? You can write a comment anonymously, but please mention your gender, age, and the type of relationship that you were in (heterosexual/homosexual).