21 Facts Men Need to Know About Women’s Sexuality and Relationships

A for Lifestyle: 21 Facts Men Need to Know About Women’s Sexuality

We are designed to naturally desire sex and relationships, but that doesn’t mean that the wisdom in this area comes to us naturally. We still need to learn how to become better partners and improve our relationships. In this relationship blog post, and the following one, I’m collaborating with Relationship Enhancement Expert - Desiree Snowden to share with you some fun facts about sex and relationships. This week’s post is dedicated to men, though women could definitely benefit from it, and next week’s post will be dedicated to women. 

A for Lifestyle: 21 Facts Men Need to Know About Women’s SexualityDesiree Snowden is Relationship Enhancement Expert and Director at Pure Romance.  She comes to you with 10 years of experience.  She has been married for 24 years, in which 23 of those years her spouse was in the military, together they have two children.  Desiree has studied Human Sexuality extensively and how relationships change over time.  She is also a trainer and mentor to a vast Pure Romance team and has a thriving Pure Romance business in Washington state.You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Desiree will be speaking at the Making a Match seminar on Thursday, February 1st , 2018, at the Redmond regional library. The event is open to the public.

21 Facts Men Need to Know About Women’s Sexuality and Relationships

1.     Women are sexually stimulated when they feel desired.
2.     It takes a woman on average between 15-20 minutes of foreplay before she can reach orgasm.
3.     Massage is a great form of foreplay as it allows the body to relax. 
4.     Using lubricant is not cheating; giving birth, aging, illness, or even taking certain medications can cause women to not self lubricate.
5.     Exhaustion tends to be the primary cause of low libido.
6.     Women love variation in the bedroom.  If you want proof, just check out her closest.
7.     For a woman sex is a bonding process; it allows her to feel connected with her partner.
8.     Women are less stressed if they have 3 orgasms a week.
9.     Women who do not have sex on a regular basis will actually start to want it less.  Consistent sex is the key to keeping a relationship physically healthy.
10. Bedroom accessories are just additions to the actual play.  They don’t replace you - they don’t kiss or hug.  Some women have a hard time reaching orgasm without clitoral stimulation and bedroom accessories can help them with that.
11. Marriage is not just a piece of paper and a ring. It’s a commitment and it changes the dynamics of the relationship psychologically and physically.
12. Keep your efforts going to make your partner feel loved and desired, just like you did when you were dating.  Once a consistent routine develops (marriage or a long time relationship), life tends to happen.  Keeping engaged with your partner keeps the relationship stronger.
13. Bodies change and so do desires; don’t be afraid to talk about that. The longer you are together with your partner, the more communication should be able to flow, so always keep your lines of communication open.
14. Don’t try to guess what she wants - ask her. You can say – I know what you like, but I would like to know what you really want.
15. It’s OK to schedule sex.  Tell her - don’t plan anything on the 16th – and see how excited she will get.
16. Be curious to learn what she wishes to try in sex. 
17. The biggest problems in a marriage is not money and sex, it is unmet expectations.  Make it your mission to find out her expectations of the relationship.
18. Shame and embarrassment do not bring good energy to the bedroom whereas pride and confidence do.  Make it a personal mission to be kind and supportive of your partner so she will feel good about her body and sexuality.
19. Praise her on a daily basis.  Compliments will make her sizzle.
20. When a woman feels desired it impacts so many things such as body image, relationship dynamics, and health.
21. If you feel you have exhausted your techniques or just want to try something new, read a good book about sex.  The responsibility is yours as well as your partner’s.


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