21 Facts Women Need to Know About Men’s Sexuality and Relationships

A for Lifestyle: 21 Facts Women Need to Know About Men’s Sexuality

We are designed to naturally desire sex and relationships, but that doesn’t mean that the wisdom in this area comes to us naturally. We still need to learn how to become better partners and improve our relationships. This post is the continuation of my collaboration with Relationship Enhancement Expert - Desiree Snowden. Last week Desiree shared 21 Facts that Men Need to Know About Women’s Sexuality and Relationships. This week, as promised, Desiree addresses women and shares some interesting facts about sex and men that women should know. Men are welcome to take a peak.  
A for Lifestyle: 21 Facts Women Need to Know About Men’s Sexuality 
 Desiree Snowden is Relationship Enhancement Expert and Director at Pure Romance.  She comes to you with 10 years of experience.  She has been married for 24 years, in which 23 of those years her spouse was in the military, together they have two children.  Desiree has studied Human Sexuality extensively and how relationships change over time.  She is also a trainer and mentor to a vast Pure Romance team and has a thriving Pure Romance business in Washington state.You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Desiree will be speaking at the Making a Match seminar on Thursday, February 1st  2018, at the Redmond regional library. The event is open to the public.

21 Facts Women Need to Know About Men’s Sexuality and Relationships

1.     Most men are visually stimulated.

2.     Lingerie is definitely something that can visually stimulate your partner but it also changes your mindset and boosts your confidence.

3.     A man can be aroused in less than 7 seconds and can have an orgasm in about 2 minutes.

4.     Men in relationships masturbate on average 4-5 times a week and think about sex approximately every 4 minutes.  This will decrease as they age.

5.     Your partner should be your number one priority; kids grow and leave, your partner stays.  Treating your partner as your number one priority not only boosts their confidence but also helps create a united front in which you can parent your children better.

6.     Do not withhold sex from him to get your way.   Sex should never be used in this manner.

7.     “Duty Sex,” just because you haven’t had sex for a while, is not sexy and it does not help the relationship.

8.     He loves it when you take good care of yourself. Keep up efforts to look nice for your husband just like you did when you were dating.  Being married is not a reason to neglect your appearance. Dress up once in a while for him to show that you care. It will also make you feel good about yourself.  

9.     Have an open conversation about what you need and desire.  Desires change over time and it’s best to communicate that with your partner rather than let him guess or stay frustrated.

10. He loves it when you enjoy sex. It boosts his confidence, and he will try harder to satisfy you.

11. He might teach you something new about yourself. If your partner asks to try something new that is outside of your comfort zone, don’t reject it automatically.   Be curious, open-minded, and willing to try. Discussing sexual preferences is good for the relationship.

12. Remember that nothing is wrong when it is done between two consenting adults.

13. Scheduling sex is not a bad thing.  When you have a career, children, and family commitments making time to prioritize your partner, your relationship, and your sexuality a is a good thing.

14. Cuddling with your partner is an easy way to boost desire.

15. Sexual desire fades away in a state of sleep deprivation. Make sure that you are both well rested. In general, women need more sleep than men.

16. The definition of Romance or Romantic Time changes throughout the relationship.  Sometimes it is going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and other times it’s when he gives you the night off by cooking dinner.

17. Criticism is difficult for men especially when it comes to the bedroom.  To help your partner use “I” statements instead, such as:  “I would like to try …” or “I feel that after giving birth that no longer feels good, can we try something different such as…?”

18. In a long-term relationships there are times when your libidos don’t match up. In those times communication is critical to address both partners needs.

19. To get the sex-life you crave you will have to ask for it!  Don’t be shy – tell him what you want.

20. Confidence is sexy.  Men love women who are confident about themselves; talking poorly about yourself or your body is not sexy.  Have more self-love and appreciation for yourself.

21. Your partner can give you better orgasms when you are present in your intimate moments. Since sex for women is in the brain, you will have to learn to shut down distracting thoughts (like the dishes in the sink or worries that the kids might hear you) and focus on your partner and your lovemaking.