Why Feminists Should Oppose Gender Equality

A for Lifestyle: Why Feminists Should Oppose Gender Equality

During the feminist revolution in the 70s, many women believed that to solve the limitations, mistreatment, and discrimination they experienced by society and the law they should be treated like men. For that they had to prove that they could work like men, travel like men, and fight like men. For many women it meant performing at work despite menstrual cramps, being absent from work only for a few sick days after having a baby, and working at places that risk their personal safety, ignoring the fact that 90% of adult victims of sexual attacks are women, and becoming easy prey to sexual assaults.
Living as a man in our culture has it own merits and price. While they don’t have to deal with carrying babies or protecting themselves as much from sexual assaults (the majority of them), they do need to deal with other social demands. Men deal with high pressure to perform, be in control, show strength and courage, hide their emotions, and sacrifice themselves to the betterment of their society or family. The stress from these social demands manifests itself is some tragedies that are more unique to men, like the fact that men commit suicide 3.5 times more than women.

Focusing on gender equality is not going to improve anyone’s life. On the contrary – it does more damage than good. Females are different from males. Each gender has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each gender has its own unique needs that should be addressed.  Our society would benefit more if we become aware of gender differences, educate people about them, and address them. There should be rules and policies to protect each gender and address its needs.

Earlier this week, I shared my thoughts with a group of women. One woman, Elaine, taught me a new term – Gender Equity. I liked it. Instead of focusing on Gender Equality we should focus on Gender Equity. Focusing on improving the quality of life of each gender and using its strength to contribute to society is a much more evolved way to live.